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Passionate and knowledgeable, Jennifer is the best choice for your real estate needs.  Jennifer's experience reaches far beyond the Canadian Border, having managed Real Estate Developments not only in Canada but also in the United States and Costa Rica.  Jennifer is a hard working broker who believes in delivering more than is expected.  Her keen understanding and ability to access past and current real estate markets, values, trends are skills that allow her to be an industry leading professional, positioning her as one of the most sought after Realtors in the GTA and across Ontario.  Her sharp wit, and exemplary knowledge, have contributed to her immense success.  She has been featured on HGTV, the Woman's Network and the Globe & Mail. 

People who have expertise just love to share it.  That's human nature. - David Baldacci

Jennifer's extensive experience in the field of Real Estate sales, and Real Estate Trading, extend well past simple traditional Commercial and Residential real estate sales.  Although Commercial and Residential Real Estate still comprises a portion of Jennifer's business, her expertise is diverse and wide ranging.

  • Commercial & Residential Trading and Consulting

  • Land Development, Estate/Luxury properties

  • Property Development

  • Investment Properties

  • Land Assembly

  • Pre-Construction Sales and Set-Up

  • Plazas, Bulk Sales, Apartment Buildings

  • Property Management & More.

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